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Intrinsic - Annotation Type in org.ObjectLayout
The @Intrisic annotation defines a declared object field to be intrinsic to the class it is declared in.
Intrinsic.NO_DECLARED_CLASS - Class in org.ObjectLayout
A no-op class used to indicate no value set for the Intrinsic.elementClass() element.
IntrinsicObjects - Class in org.ObjectLayout
Intrinsic objects (declared with the @Intrisic annotation) may have their layout within the containing object instance optimized by JDK implementations, such that access to their content is faster, and avoids certain de-referencing steps.
IntrinsicProcessor - Class in org.ObjectLayout
A javac annotation processor for the @Intrinsic annotation.
IntrinsicProcessor() - Constructor for class org.ObjectLayout.IntrinsicProcessor
iterator() - Method in class org.ObjectLayout.StructuredArray
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